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St. Patrick’s Day Charity Selection Press Release—October 22, 2010

The Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee kicked off its annual fundraising campaign at a mixer on Oct 16th by announcing this year's charity selections. Recipients this year will be Women’s Transitional Care Services, Douglas County CASA, Family Promise, VanGo, and The Lawrence Humane Society. Proceeds will be divided equally between all five organizations. These organizations provide an opportunity to support local young people in a number of ways.

Women’s Transitional Care Services works to restore health and safety to victims of domestic and family violence. It intends to use the funding to provide more beds as well as additional services for children who are not in the shelter.

Douglas County CASA is currently moving to a different office space. It needs funds to make that location accessible to the disabled and to acquire child friendly furnishings.

Family Promise estimates that Lawrence has more than 100 homeless children on any given day. To help provide shelter for those families, it needs money to refurbish and furnish its day center.

VanGo is a homegrown organization that works with schools and others to provide academic support, job skills training, and responsibility to young people at risk. They are seeking funding to continue their mission.

The Lawrence Humane Society is seeking support for its 3rd grade educational outreach program.

In 23 years the Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee has provided more than $527,000 to local charities. The Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that makes a difference through community spirit, giving back, and by turning a one day holiday into an opportunity to celebrate the community all year.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee uses a partnership approach for funding the organizations it chooses to support. By doing so it raises awareness for the organizations it serves at the same time that it raises funds. We have also discovered this approach builds long lasting friendships between our organizations.

Money raised comes from hosting special fundraising events including the Annual Benefit Auction, 5K fun run, and T-shirt sales. Additional events are Trivia Night, Dart Tournament, and Motorcycle Rally. New events this year will include a Texas Hold’em Tournament, Casino Night, Bowling and more. Our success and that of our beneficiaries depends the participation and cooperation of our community, our friends, and our neighbors. The community is invited to help by attending one or more of the activities. Information and schedules can be found at

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