Charity Beneficiaries

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications for 2021

2021 was a year like no other! We had an amazing 2020 parade season and our best fundraising year ever! Now as we move into the heart of 2021, we are doing everything we can to continue our tradition, knowing that we will have a much reduced parade season: fewer events, an online auction, and we're still working on plans for what the parade will look like.

But, We're Working Hard! We will still hold events. We will still have a parade. And, we still want to find a good beneficiary for the money we raise. This year, instead of our summer application process, we are asking you to complete a simple document that defines your charity and your need. Then, get it back to us by the end of February. We will choose our beneficiary (ies) after the parade. We don't know how much we can raise this year, but if your Lawrence/Douglas County Children's charity is in need of funds, we want to hear from you.

Congratulations to our 2021 Beneficiaries:

We are excited to share our 2021 Parade beneficiaries! This year, we raised $48,000 and donated $6000 to 8 local children's charities:

We have a complete list of the St. Pat's Beneficiaries since 1988!

From a past charity:

To say that we have already benefited from our experience with the Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee would be an understatement.  The committee and its “friends in the community” have shown Lawrence Youth Football and its family of friends what wonderful things that can happen when everyone works together for a common cause.  The effort put forth by your group is an amazing thing to see and ultimately be a part of.  We are forever grateful and thankful to be a benefactor of the Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee."